IB Partner

We provide traders around the world with a foreign exchange trading platform with low transaction cost, fast transaction speed and transparent transaction.

Market rebates and IB commissions

Introducing Brokers, or IBs for short, are independent broker-dealers who act as agents tasked with introducing new traders to brokerage firms such as Tech-FX. Earn up to $15 for every round trip (100,000 currencies) of customers you refer.

Advantages of becoming an IB at Tech-FX

In addition to high levels of rebates and outstanding customer service, Tech-FX's IB benefits from the support of market leaders by partnering with the most recognized and trusted brands.

We provide IBs with complete transparency through the IB Portal, where they can view all of their accounts and customizable reports, enabling them to track rebates in real time and stay informed about their clients' trading activities. I am.

What is an Introducing Broker (IB)?

Introducing Brokers (IBs) are companies or individuals around the world who are profitable by introducing their customers to us. You can earn commissions by introducing your customers to us.

There is no registration fee to become an IB, and it may be the easiest way to increase your income. As an IB, you can promote your service from the homepage without worrying about the location. You can also introduce traders directly to us, guide you through the process of opening a live account, and explain all the benefits of becoming our customers.


Reasons why we recommend Tech-FX IB

Help provided by Tech-FX

Reward system is staged
The more traffic you have, the more rewards you have. The more customers you introduce, the more commissions per customer.

Detailed statistics

You can track referrals and monitor the performance of your campaigns.

Marketing tools

Get more customers with localized banners and landing pages for your area.

Trusted brand

When introducing new customers, you can leverage the reputation of a trusted broker who has won numerous awards.

Account manager is full-time

Our account manager is available in your language and will support you at every stage your affiliate needs.


Monthly reward
From our payment options, you can easily withdraw rewards in a way that suits you.

How does it work?


Using the numerous marketing materials provided, start attracting traders.


We will introduce the trader to Tech-FX and issue a tracking number exclusively for you.


Watch as your account is credited in real-time on a trade by trade basis.


Automatically track your referred clients in the secure IB Portal.