Smooth and fast deposits and withdrawals 

Please note that the maximum amount of money that can be transferred at one time is 10,000,000 yen. We will pay the withdrawal fee once a month for any one account (MT4) under the same name, but a withdrawal fee of 2,000 yen will be charged for the second and subsequent withdrawals within the same month (If multiple accounts are held under the same name after the first withdrawal request is made, the withdrawal is considered a second request and the fee will be charged). (If you have multiple accounts under the same name after the first withdrawal request is made, it will be considered as a second request and the fee will be charged).

 ※Regarding deposits and withdrawals of virtual currencies, it may take some time to reflect them depending on the congestion status of each virtual currency blockchain network. 

※All deposits should be made from an account registered with the same name as the name on the Tech-FX account, using only English alphabets. 

※If you made a deposit from a bank where you cannot enter your MT4 account number next to the sender's name when arranging the transfer, please report the deposit to from your registered email address. Enter your MT4 account number and remittance amount in that e-mail, and attach the target transfer details image (with all related information such as remittance date, remittance amount, sender name and recipient name). Please report the deposit. 

※Tech-FX does not accept any withdrawal requests from third parties. When requesting a withdrawal, we will only accept a domestic financial institution account that has the same name as the account holder and has the country of residence or nationality. If a withdrawal request is made in the name of a third party, it will be rejected.

 If your withdrawal request is complete, we will process your withdrawal within 3 business days for trading account withdrawals and within 15 business days for IB compensation withdrawals. 

※Cancel withdrawal: The withdrawal application history is displayed on the "Withdrawal history" page of My Page. Next to the history of incomplete withdrawals, you will see a button that says "Request Cancellation". You can apply for cancellation by clicking on it.

 *Withdrawals can be made after 10 or more transactions after each deposit due to the requirements of the Anti-Money Laundering Law. Withdrawals of less than 10 transactions after deposit will incur a withdrawal fee of 2,000 yen each time (If you make more than 10 transactions, we will cover the withdrawal fee once a month as per the above conditions). 

※You cannot withdraw when you have a trading order. Please settle all orders before withdrawing. 

※ Transfer of funds from the trading account will be completed on the same day (if there is no trading order)

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