More than 10 kinds of trading commodities such as gold, silver, crude oil and other metals

Advantages of trading commodities

Trading in the world's most valuable and popular commodities, such as precious metals and energy, can benefit from fluctuations in market prices.

Popular precious metal products: Gold, silver, copper and other familiar precious metals can be traded

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Fast Trading and Competitive Spreads: Very Competitive Spreads and Extremely Fast Executions

Compatible with all automated trading tools and a wide variety of unique trading strategies

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Fee of 0 yen: The fee is 0 yen in principle.

Currencyzero average spreadSTP average spreadPRO average spreadLimit and stop levels
XAGEUR5.0 pips6.4 pips6.8 pips0
XAGUSD2.8 pips4.2 pips4.5 pips0
XAUEUR2.6 pips4.0pips4.5 pips0
XAUUSD1.4 pips2.8 pips3.2 pips0
OIL2.0 pips10 pips10.6 pips0

commodities trading time

U.S. Daylight Saving Time: "2nd Sunday in March to 1st Sunday in November" is the summer time period.
U.S. Winter Time: Monday 7:05 am - Saturday 6:55 am Japan Time
U.S. Daylight Saving Time: Monday 6:05 am Japan time-Saturday 5:55 am

What is Commodity Trading

We deal in commodities related to energy, agricultural products and precious metals. Future market trends and values of traded commodities will fluctuate based on the supply and demand of products. For example, weather conditions, mining and energy costs can affect supply.

In addition, demand can be affected by a variety of conditions such as economic cycles and demographic changes. Each of our traded commodities can be traded as a stand-alone commodity or in pairs. Metals and energies are traded in major currencies, and agricultural futures are traded as individual contracts.


Spot trading, like energy trading, has many advantages for investors interested only in price expectations. Spot trading prices are determined by a combination of one- and two-month forward trading prices in futures contracts, and this pricing structure reduces price volatility. In addition to energy and precious metals, we offer a wide range of commodities such as corn, soybeans, sugar, coffee, and wheat, with the lowest spreads and up to 1000x leverage.

How to trade precious metals

Many transactions are frequent for gold, platinum, palladium and silver as they have no economic impact in these industries at this time and continue to have a certain value. Over the last few decades, there has been a significant trend towards online purchases and physical ownership of precious metals as long-term investments. While not requiring a lot of capital in derivatives and equity trading is attractive, trading precious metals is also a great opportunity for investors interested in short-term investments, as price volatility is low.

For example, unlike many commodities that are heavily affected by production and consumption, the trading price of gold is unaffected by such factors. Gold is traded as a hedge against other markets during times of instability, as prices fluctuate due to political changes. Like gold, platinum, palladium and silver are valuable assets, and investors are trading these even during times of instability.

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