Stock Index CFD

CFDs, a combination of price fluctuations in stocks of multiple companies

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CFDsaverage spreadTrading periodLeverageFee
AUS20066.5 pipsSaturday 5: 00 ~ Monday 9:001-5 times0
COPPER13.2 pipsSaturday 5: 45 ~ Monday 7:001-5 times0
ESP3592 pipsSaturday 3: 00 ~ Monday 15: 001-5 times0
FRA,4038 pipsMonday 15: 00 ~ Saturday 4:451-5 times0
GER,3031.5 pipsSaturday 4: 45 ~ Monday 15:001-5 times0
HKG,3390 pipsMonday 10: 15 ~ Saturday 4:001-5 times0
JPN225135 pipsMonday 8: 00 ~ Saturday 5:151-5 times0
NAS10028 pipsSaturday 5: 15 ~ Monday 7:001-5 times0
NATGAS37 pipsMonday 7: 05 ~ Saturday 5:451-5 times0
SPX50015 pipsMonday 7: 00 ~ Saturday 5:151-5 times0
UK10036 pipsMonday 15: 00 ~ Saturday 4:451-5 times0
UKOIL14 pipsMonday 9:00~Saturday 5:451-5 times0
USA3031 pipsMonday 7: 00 ~ Saturday 5:151-5 times0

CFDs trading time

U.S. Daylight Saving Time: "2nd Sunday in March to 1st Sunday in November" is the summer time period.
U.S Winter Time: Japan Time MT4 + 10
U.S Daylight Saving Time: Japan Time MT4 + 9

What are CFDs?

CFDs are a combination of price fluctuations in stocks of multiple companies. It usually consists of stocks listed on the same exchange. Indexes are usually mentioned in the news to value a particular market or forex market. Index trading provides investors with a diverse portfolio. Investors can diversify their trading strategies with irrelevant trading tools, hedge existing stock market risks and understand the different opportunities offered by global stock markets.

Why trade CFDs?

CFDs are used to track the performance of securities listings. For example, when trading CFDs on a stock exchange consisting of multiple stocks, you basically have positions for multiple stocks at once. This is a more economical and less stressful way to diversify your investment portfolio across different sectors and trade on a list of stocks. Therefore, when trading CFDs, you do not need to analyze each company as it consists of several companies that provide a more accurate image of the economic status of a country. With this consideration, instead of trading stocks one by one, customers trade on a list of stocks through CFDs, diversify their exposure and hedge against unpredictable fluctuations caused by economic news updates. I will go.

Benefits of CFDs

Gain easy access to the market while trading CFDs on a stock index without having to waste time and money to find out anything inexperienced or complex with the abundance of information on the internet I can. Stock indexes are also a measure of market performance and the current market sentiment of each country, making it easier for traders to understand and follow whether the index responded well to economic news. The CFDs on the stock index can be traded with a margin as low as 1%, which means that you can trade a $ 10,000 position for $ 100. Find out the variety and benefits of our trading accounts.

The stock index market provides traders with exposure to the global market and allows them to profit from many investment opportunities. Stock index trading has higher volatility than other financial products. Trade UK 100, NASDAQ and Germany 40 on our award-winning MT4 trading platform for easy access to one of the most competitive trading environments.

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